Creative Writing Therapy Trumps Traditional Talk

March 2, 2015The research is clear—creative writing therapy improves physical and psychological well-being. It’s not a substitute for talk therapy in serious cases, but a well-designed program has the potential to alleviate symptoms of mild anxiety, depression, addiction, eating disorders, chronic pain, and can relieve the stress associated with having a chronic illness or being a caregiver of someone with a chronic illness.  A new course in Creative Writing Therapy, designed by the experts at ViaWrite, can help users change habits, heal emotional wounds, unstick themselves from a rut and take charge of their own futures.

While most people agree that therapy is a healthy thing to do, ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’ are two different things.  And the truth remains, therapy is not right for everyone.  In fact, traditional therapy may be an expensive and extreme measure for the majority of people who just need a little guidance and support from time to time.

Creative Writing Therapy courses, like those available through provide that guidance and support.  CWT writing prompts are designed to encourage introspection and self-discovery.  Writers delve into their past, their present and begin to make solid plans for their future.

In addition to the practicality, Creative Writing Therapy is easily accessible and more affordable than traditional therapy.  It can be done using a computer or pen and paper anywhere the person feels comfortable.

Participants don’t have to be “writers” or even know anything about writing to benefit from CWT.  And the best part is that mistakes in capitalization, grammar and punctuation don’t have any effect on the outcome.

No matter who you are—no matter what you struggle with—writing for just 15 to 20 minutes a day can change everything.

“To be clear, this is NOT about keeping a diary.  It’s a bit more structured than that,” said Registered Nurse and CWT Facilitator, Stacey Tavarez.  “ViaWrite’s Creative Writing Therapy prompts are specially designed to help you get to the root of the matter and hash out real solutions, in a creative and engaging way.

Tavarez explains, “It’s not boring or difficult like homework or a chore, and it’s not something to be afraid of.  You won’t become mired in your past or stuck rehashing painful memories.  You can and probably will bring up emotionally charged thoughts and feelings.  But that’s okay.  Creative Writing Therapy helps you create a story that you can view from a distance.  When you do this, your painful past loses the power to hurt you anymore.”

So how do you know if Creative Writing Therapy is right for you?  Take a quick quiz at .

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