Want to know what types of things you’ll write about in the 6 Week Self-Directed Writing Course
Here’s the writing prompt from Day #10!



What do you value? Your values are all the things you believe to be of worth and importance in life. You probably learned your values at home (from your family) but you may also be influenced by friends, school, church and/or society. Values can be positive or negative.

  • On the positive side, some families place a high value on education, charity and/or building a better community.
  • On the other hand, some families have negative values.  For instance, you may have been influenced by a family member who valued power and the abusive use of that power.  Or maybe your family was (or is) mired in addiction.  In this case the value taught is that self indulgence (self-medicating, self-soothing, “checking out”) is more important than meeting regular responsibilities.

Why do values matter?  Your values determine what decisions you make in the world.

Writing Prompt: Define your positive values.  Here are a few examples, but the possibilities are endless!


Take 15 to 20 minutes to identify your top five POSITIVE values. Then, write the actions you take (or want to take) to reflect each value. For example, if you chose “Generosity” as one of your top five values, you might list activities such as donating to a favorite cause, or helping others in need. Then, following through on these actions would reflect how much you value generosity.

SHARE IT! If you feel comfortable, share one or more of your values in the comments below.

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